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Customers Matter. First and foremost.

Having a problem? Need some direction or a solution recommendation? We are always happy to do what we can to help customers accomplish their goals and use our VPS hosting services to do it.

We go further and do more to keep our customers happy

Privacy Matters. Life after Snowden.

In a world rocked by online surveillance and corporate bad behavior, privacy still matters. BuyVM takes your privacy seriously. We run secure systems with staff trained to handle customer accounts properly.

We offer high privacy emphasis hosting in our Luxembourg location. We support many cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, and many more.

24/7 Customer Support. Highly trained nerds at your disposal.

We provide VPS services to customers around the planet. It's always work time somewhere. We understand customers want prompt assistance when such is requested.

BuyVM staffs customer support 24 hours a day to minimize delays.

Developers and Gamers at heart. Run by developers and technology enthusiasts.

We aren't accountants and business school folks running fancy accounting algorithms posing as a hosting business. When you contact us you are dealing with people versed in the VPS hosting industry.

We are technologists and proud to be so.

In business since 2010. Founding fathers of the affordable VPS market.

We are the founding fathers of the affordable VPS market and have been in business continuously since 2010.

We pioneered affordable DDoS protection. We are the only VPS provider to offer Anycast IP addresses on their VPS services. We rolled IPv6 before 95%+ of the VPS market. BuyVM continues to lead the VPS pack with innovative features.

Affordable Services. We hate the word "cheap".

Referring to a service as cheap means corners were cut to bring the cost down. We charge customers less for more resources. Since 2010, BuyVM has provided affordable VPS hosting.

Referring to a service as cheap means corners were cut to bring the cost down.

Stallion. Voted best panel on the market by its developers.

Stallion control panel does everything you need to control your VPS. It is fully compatible with SolusVM and is accessible via the same API methods.

Stallion isn't for sale. It's part of the BuyVM stable of solutions that blazes the path other VPS companies follow.


DDoS Protection available in all locations. Let the packets hit the door.

We provide up to 500gbits of volumetric protection and have the capability to deal with over 700 million packets-per-second.

We offer the highest level of filtering and the most affordable DDoS protection on the market.


Anycast for scaling and performance. Global reach.

Scale your website to serve customers close to home with our latency shrinking Anycast IP addresses. Anycast is a free feature for BuyVM customers.

Anycast IP addresses are configured within our Stallion control panel.


Free internal networking, free nightly backups, and free DNS hosting. Free.

More free features for our customers! Free private networking between multiple servers within the same data center. Free nightly backups for all OpenVZ 256MB+ VPS customers. Free DNS hosting with four locations throughout the United States.

It's so free.

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