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BuyVM Block Storage Slabs

Awesome performance, even better pricing!

Developed entirely inhouse, BuyVM's Block Storage Slabs couples best in class performance with market leading pricing.

Our high performance is possible through the use of multiple cache layers, including large NVMe read and write buffers. All communications are done through a InfiniBand RDMA based Storage Fabric giving near locally attached storage performance.

Powered by our Stallion Control Panel, Block Storage Slabs are able to be detached, and reattached to a KVM Dedicated Server Slice located within the same facility without downtime or reboots.

Hungry for Storage? Order 1TB of usable storage for just $5.00 / month GET A SLAB!

BuyVM Block Storage Slabs vs. other Block Storage Solutions

What to expect with other Block Storage solutions.

There are many approaches to Block Storage with each host going a different route on how to offer it. Solutions range from NFS or GlusterFS, to ISCSI or Ceph, all the way to hardware appliances from EMC.

BuyVM Block Storage Slabs perform faster than all major Block Storage vendors, all the while costing 95% less.

Vendor Notes Costs (Per TB)
  • Fantastic performance and cost in a nice, neat, little package.
  • 40Gbit+ InfiniBand RDMA Storage Fabric giving near local storage performance.
  • You'll hate yourself for not finding us sooner.

$5.00 / month

Not a typo... :)

  • Lackluster latency, throughput, and availability.
  • Maximum 200 IOPS on "Classic" Volumes.
  • Maximum 3,000 IOPS on "Performance" Volumes.

$90.00 / month

  • Requires a full reboot before a volume will attach.
  • No way to properly identify a volume.

$100.00 / month

Amazon EBS
  • History of stability issues causing large scale read-only volumes.
  • Additional cost per IOPS you'll perform.
  • Displayed price includes 100 IOPS.

$131.50 / month

The AWS tax is alive and well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about BuyVM Block Storage Slabs.
Can I buy just a Block Storage Slab?
No, you must have an accompanying KVM Dedicated Server Slice in the same facility to make use of a Block Storage Slab.

We may consider an Object Store product down the line, but not at this time.
How much do Block Storage Slabs cost?
Block Storage Slabs are sold in chunks of 256GB for $1.25/month.

A 1TB Block Storage Slab is $5.00/month, with a 10TB Block Storage Slab being just $50.00/month.
How large can a Slab be? How many Slabs can I attach to a single server?
Block Storage Slabs can be a maximum of 10TB in size.

You can attach up to 8 Block Storage Slabs to a single KVM Dedicated Server Slice.
Which locations can I buy Block Storage Slabs in?
Block Storage Slabs are currently available in our Las Vegas, Nevada, and New York, New York, Miami, Florida, and Roost, Luxembourg datacenters.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my Block Storage Slab?
Block Storage Slabs can be upgraded to a maximum size of 10TB.

Downgrading is not possible and will require you to order a new Block Storage Slab and transfer your data yourself.
Can I move my Block Storage Slab?
Block Storage Slabs can be migrated between KVM Dedicated Server Slice instances located within the same facility.

You'll find the option to migrate your Block Storage Slabs inside of our Stallion Control Panel. Migrations are done entirely "hot", meaning there is no need to power off, or reboot, your KVM Dedicated Server Slice to have the volume attach.
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